A nice suburban community in the San Francisco Bay area can't hide a broken family and the misery at home that pushes young Stan into gang life. The crazy and colorful cast of fellow gangsters, also from fatherless homes, wreak havoc with juvenile crime and needless suffering but sometimes great hilarity!

After Stan attends UC Berkeley and begins a career as a chemical engineer, he's astounded to find that corruption in the nuclear weapons business at the Fairfield National Laboratory is so out of control as to make any crime he's commited seem literally like child’s play. 

Does he dare object when virtually every person in Fairfield is in neck deep? Should he report what he sees or close his eyes? Can he risk everything by becoming a whistleblower? Get ready for a wild ride that mirrors society in more ways than you'd think with a thrilling surprise ending!

Curl up by the fire and savor every page as you experience Stanley's development, laugh at his adventures, and gain insight to a professional dilemma that may resonate with you. And...the ending might just contribute to your own liberation!
"Having been in law enforcement I can identify with the author's character in reference to how he feels about the judicial system allowing criminals to walk out of prison without so much as a slap on the wrist. Mr Barton has written a very good and accurate portrayal of the frustration law enforcement people feel in the wake of our sometimes lacking judicial system. I applaud him for his candid approach to a solution that his hero has chosen to deal with this frustration. I look forward to his next endeavor."
A perfect plot for an HBO, Showtime or Netflix movie
A quick read full of action and science. I can see the producers of Breaking Bad picking up this book for a movie vehicle. It has science, action, an evil villain and someone who broke out of bad. 

Delightful read
By albuquerquedoc 
This is a delightful book. The reader is invited into the inner world of its main character and sees him through his childhood into young adulthood. Stan's childhood experiences are ones that many of us will relate to. Throughout this process, we come to know and love him.

Enjoyable book
By tfarish
If I care what happens to the characters (both good guys and baddies), I know I liked a book. I cared what happened to the characters in this book. I want to know more about how the bad guys went bad. What happened to the members of "the gang". What happened to his first love. What the crazy lady is up to. I WANT MORE! Definitely enjoyed this story.

Fabulous First!
By Shewolf
This book has all the right makings for a great film. I went on a wild adventure of blowing things up and getting into trouble with a very precocious and young Stanley Hall. He took me through joy, naughty laughter and deep grief - to an acceptance of life on life's terms. It was a great read. A deep read. I highly recommend this novel and would love to see it made in to a film.

By Dream Builder Destinations 
Brilliant first work from a brilliant mind. A narration of the struggles of youth into adulthood seeking meaning in life, and justice in the corporate world. Looking forward to the sequel!

Entertaining and Provocative
By Sparo Arika Otis-Vigil 
I enjoyed Sailor's fast-paced, colorful writing style. He weaves an entertaining and intriguing story while inspiring the reader to examine our own conscience and motives. Congratulations Bill on a great book!

This Nerd does the right thing but nobody cares
Stan is like a lot of us, he just wants to fit in. He goes out of his way to be liked but when he has to do the right thing he isn't influenced by those he so wanted to like him in the past. He does the right thing and nobody cares! He's a true Hero.

Couldn't put it down
By Brendalyn Batchelor 
I read the book in one sitting — I couldn’t stop once I started! I truly enjoyed the book given my background as a fraud, waste and abuse investigator and my work at one of our national laboratories!

A fantastic and significant story
By Daniel Weeks 
This is a fantastic story that, although fiction, exemplifies realities in our governmental defense laboratories. With Sailor's interesting and hilarious development of the main character, you will see how a person who holds the scientific method and human integrity as his core value makes a significant difference for humanity by confronting evil and motivating positive change in an institution that is funded by your tax dollars. Buy it now. Curl up by the fire and savor every page as you experience Stanley's development, laugh at his adventures, and gain insight to a professional dilemma that may resonate with you. And...the ending might just contribute to your own liberation.

William Sailor grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, and now lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. He holds a doctorate degree in Engineering Science from UC Berkeley and has published many articles in subjects ranging from electromagnetic theory to US policy towards North Korea. He retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2010 after 23 years of service. This book is his first fictional work.